HEREMA - Social and Economic Development


HEREMA, Making an Impact

We strive to make a significant impact by capitalising on Greece’s natural energy resources for the benefit of society. As a result, sustainable development forms an integral part of our strategy, activities, and operations. Success means creating value by connecting investment opportunities of the energy transition with our goals for economic development, environmental protection, and getting to net zero.


Whether tapping into Greece’s natural gas resources or capitalising on its offshore wind energy potential, energy projects can have transformative effects. Our activities contribute to providing people with access to reliable and affordable energy, strengthening and transforming our energy system to a low-carbon model, while fostering economic and social development.

We strive to enhance our social and economic contribution by ensuring our operations and the activities of our partners foster sustainable economic development.


We are committed to supporting local communities and creating a long-term social impact.

Our actions include:

Engaging with community members in areas where projects are undertaken to identify needs and address concerns.
Inspiring and encouraging our people to support our community activities.
Collaborating with key community stakeholders such as local government, business associations, non-profit organisations, and schools to support programmes related to the environment, job creation, safety and health awareness, and sports development.
Partnering with leading research bodies and universities on matters relating to the environment, health, and safety.
Participating and sponsoring national and international events focused on the energy sector to promote opportunities in our country.