HEREMA - Offshore Wind - Regulatory Framework


The rights to carry out the exploration and deployment of offshore wind farms within Greece’s seas pertain exclusively to the Greek state.

The legal framework applicable to offshore wind development in Greece is stipulated by Law 4964/2022, dated 30 July 2022, published in the Government Gazette on offshore wind farms (OWF).

The entity responsible for OWF projects, on behalf of the Hellenic State, is HEREMA in so far as the management of rights is concerned regarding the research, exploration, and identification of organised development areas for OWFs, in addition to the assignment of research rights to third parties within said development areas.

Other key organisations within the development of the sector include the Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) and the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE). IPTO is responsible for the development of links between the transmission grid and OWFs, including the design, development, installation, and operation of interconnections between the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System (HETS) to the OWF Organised Areas Development (OWFODA). RAE, on the other hand, is in charge of organising a competitive tender process for the granting of operational aid for each OWFODA.


It should be noted that the offshore area extending south of the coastline of the Regional Unit of Evros and north-northeast of Samothrace Island is being prioritised as an Organised Area for OWF Development, as it was designated by Law 4964/2022 as a pilot area for OWF development with a total capacity of up to 600 MW.


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  1. Milestone 1

    Issuance of a Joint Ministerial Decision approving the National OWF Development Programme and the corresponding Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) for Greece.

  2. Milestone 2

    Determination of OWFODA and definition of exact terms for OWF development by 2030 (by virtue of a Presidential Decree).

  3. Milestone 3

    Publication of the Qualification Criteria for OWF investors and granting of Exploration and Survey Licenses for each organised area, subsequent to the evaluation of applications.

  4. Milestone 4

    Ministerial Decision on the distribution and maximum estimated power capacity of OWF projects for each site within each Organised Area for OWF Development.

  5. Milestone 5

    First competitive bids (organised by RAE) between investors with Exploration and Survey Licenses based on the lowest offer (per MWh).

  6. Milestone 6

    Final Permit and Financial Closure between the OWF Investor and IPTO.

  7. Milestone 7

    Initiation of construction works by the Investor and interconnection with HETS