HEREMA - Corporate Governance and Structure


Good governance, ethics, and transparency are at the heart of our activities.

HEREMA’s governance framework guides our Board of Directors and management team in the leadership of the company. This framework is built on governance practices and accountabilities that reflect international best practices for good governance, while complying with the regulatory obligations of the Hellenic Republic. Our governance practices ensure that adequate control, oversight, and risk management mechanisms are in place across the organisation and in activities we participate in, or oversee.


HEREMA was founded in 2011 with the Greek state as its sole shareholder. Our mandate and responsibilities are set forth in Greek law as well as in our articles of association. The company’s activities are overseen by the Greek state through the Minister of Environment and Energy, while the state’s interests are represented by the Minister of Finance.

The current Board of Directors was appointed in July 2020 by the Minister of Environment and Energy with decision no. YPEN/DDY/71881/6620 (Official Gazette Issue Y.O.D.D./547/23.07.2020). The President and CEO of the company were also appointed in July 2020 with the number 30/ 03.07.2020 Act of the Council of Ministers "Acceptance of resignation of the President and CEO, selection and appointment of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the CEO of Anonymous Company with the name "Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management Company S.A. (EDEY S.A.)", (Government Gazette Issue Y.O.D.D./496/05.07.2020).