HEREMA - Our Mandate


Hellenic Hydrocarbons and Energy Resources Management Company (HEREMA) plays an essential role in realizing Greece’s potential as a leading energy and carbon abatement resource.

Fully owned by the Greek state, we license and manage the development of energy technologies deemed key for Greece’s transition to a robust and sustainable energy system including hydrocarbon exploration and production, carbon storage, underground gas storage, and offshore wind. Through our acquisition of DEPA International Works, HEREMA also participates in important infrastructure projects, such as the IGB and East Med pipelines, which will enhance the verticalization of our energy system.

On top of our strategic role in Greece’s energy sector, HEREMA is the country’s transitional Competent Authority for Offshore Safety in Oil and Gas Operations; a role it was been successfully performing since July 2016.


With energy transition to a low-carbon model being an utmost priority, the call to action is clear: The sector and its partners must come together to develop sustainable, affordable, and integrated solutions.

Windmill, Greece Net zero by 2050

Energy demand is expected to rise by nearly 50% by 2050.


The Energy sector and its partners must come together in a join effort to develop sustainable, affordable, and integrated solutions.

We believe in the power of energy. As a key lever of social progress and economic development, access to energy has the power to transform lives. And yet, the significance of transitioning our energy system and moving to low-carbon energy production cannot be overstated.

The challenge lies in implementing a sustainable transition plan that ensures affordability, reliability of supply, and an integrated approach. With energy demand expected to increase by nearly 50% by 2050, success will require putting to use all available sources of energy – both low-carbon legacy fuels and alternative sources

Keenly aware of the magnitude of this challenge, HEREMA works together with all key stakeholders to foster the transition to a low-emissions future. We are committed to being a value creator in everything we do. Whether this be through the attraction of large-scale energy investments, the establishment of partnerships with flagship research bodies, or the fostering of synergies between energy technologies, we believe that by coming together we can achieve our decarbonization goals.