HEREMA - Our Transformation


HEREMA’s expanded scope across the energy spectrum is fuelled by our belief in driving meaningful change. We are helping to accelerate Greece’s move to net zero carbon emissions, meet energy demand, and bolster energy security.

Initially founded in 2011 as the organisation responsible for the development and management of Greece’s upstream sector, HEREMA has undergone a profound transformation since the summer of 2020. Driven by the conviction that the company needed to become a key driver in the pursuit of Greece’s energy transition and security goals, HEREMA’s leadership set out an ambitious corporate transformation strategy resting on three pillars: revitalisation, diversification, and modernisation.

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Today, HEREMA has overseen the most significant progress in the acceleration of Greece’s upstream sector in the last decade, has an expanded mandate including crucial alternative energy technologies, and has been a driving force behind the implementation of new guidelines that meet – and in some cases surpass – 'best standards' for ESG.

We are committed to transforming our country’s natural resources into energy for the benefit of society, while bolstering Greece’s role as a key driver of energy security at a regional and European level.