Press Release

HHRM participation in international conference in Mediterranean and Balkans

The presence of Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management (HHRM) in international conferences, this period, aims at further promoting Greece at the energy map of the Mediterranean and the Balkans and contributing to the interactions that take place in the field of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation, technologically and institutionally.

The company is actively involved in the work of the three-day conference “Offshore Mediterranean Conference”, which is held for the 14th year in Italy, in Ravenna, within the framework of OMC 2019. In a period of an intense debate on EastMed and the need to find new additional deposits, to enhance the attractiveness of gas pipelines or LNGs, the industry looks forward to HHRM update, on developments in hydrocarbon exploration in Greece, by the Chairman and CEO, Yiannis Basias, on the 2nd day of the conference (28/03). The placement of Greece at the center of developments and the importance of developing advanced technologies essential to research, exploitation and safety in large depths of water located in the country will be presented on the 3rd day (29/03), within the framework of a session on new business opportunities created by innovations in offshore activity in the Mediterranean region.

Also, the increasing role of Balkans and Black Sea in the energy chessboard makes HHRM’s participation in the 25th annual “Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Conference” an essential forum for dialogue and exchange of know-how with the countries of the region, some of which have many years of experience in the hydrocarbon industry. At the conference, which will be held place in Bucharest on 4th and 5th of April, the company will have a two-pronged presence: Mr. Basias will coordinate the 2nd day, that will cover issues of the legislative, tax and investment status applicable to countries and the arising challenges, and Vice President, Spyros Bellas, will inform on the developments in hydrocarbon exploration concessions in Greece.

HHRM will participate at the “European Oil and Gas Summit”, in Limassol, in May.

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