HHRM participated in the 10th conference Athens Energy Dialogues

The contribution of the natural gas to the energy transition and the prospects of hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean were mentioned by the HHRM CEO Aristofanis Stefatos while speaking at the 10th Athens Energy Dialogues conference which was held on 17th-18th February.

Mr. Stefatos noted that natural gas is the only reliable transitional fuel and for this reason will continue to be used and developed while allowing, through its infrastructure and the use of advanced technologies, to pave the way to the promising hydrogen which is considered to be the fuel of the future.

“We have to be realistic when we talk about the energy transition and take into account the energy costs, something that we sometimes overlook. With natural gas we can keep costs at acceptable levels, we can use the CO2 emissions immediately and we can also prepare for hosting the carbon neutral fuels of the future”, Mr. Stefatos said.

The oil and gas industry exists because the society needs it, Mr. Stefatos pointed out, adding that the problem of the climate change must be tackled radically and that this can only be done if we focus on finding smart, technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

Concluding his speech, Mr. Stefatos referred to safety issues, stressing that the oil and gas industry is extremely careful in matters of safety, following the strictest standards in terms of prevention.

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