HHRM: Discussion on hydrocarbons at the School of Geology of Aristotle University

HHRM CEO, Dr. Aristofanis Stefatos, gave a lecture on the Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons at the invitation of the Director of the Department of Mineralogy-Petrology-Economic Geology of the School of Geology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Dr. Nikolaos Kantiranis.

More than 150 prominent academics, students and other members of the wider scientific community attended the lecture which was open to the general public.

In this context, the participants asked key questions, which triggered an extensive discussion regarding the progress of exploration, the geological potential of the country and the importance of the sector for Greece. Dr. Stefatos answered a series of questions regarding the new approach of HHRM in the context of the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), the energy transition and the environmental and social dimension of exploration.

The Vice Rector of Finance, Planning and Development of the Aristotle University, Professor Charalambos Feidas, and the President of the School of Geology, Professor Konstantinos Papazachos, addressed a greeting and expressed their satisfaction for the opportunity provided to the academic community to obtain reliable information.

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