The HEREMA team attended and actively participated in the proceedings of COP28 UAE, one of the world’s biggest and most significant global conferences with a critical role to play in the climate agenda.

Our CEO and Chairman, Aristofanis Stefatos and Rikard Scoufias respectively, were part of the delegation representing Greece at the Conference, mainly from the Greek Pavilion that was set up and operated by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy. 

HEREMA hosted two panel sessions at the Pavilion held on Sunday 3 December 2023, under the joined title “Harvesting the Wind Power of Greek Seas.” Mr. Stefatos and Mr. Scoufias were joined by very special guests to discuss the exciting developments following the announcement of the Draft National Programme for Offshore Wind Farms, as well as other HEREMA activities, while they also aligned with collective efforts to accelerate climate action – which is the theme of COP28.

With very promising maritime potential and a strategic position at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Greece’s commitment to harnessing offshore wind energy can offer much more than our national energy autonomy. It also offers the opportunity to promote and utilize new technologies, create domestic expertise, and develop the necessary supply chain.

The HEREMA-hosted sessions kicked off with an engaging fireside chat moderated by Chairman Rikard Scoufias and featuring Alexandra Sdoukou, Greece’s Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, and Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope.

Following that, Mr. Stefatos welcomed experts of the international infrastructure and renewables sector to a panel discussion that focused on maximizing business expertise to optimally implement offshore wind projects. His guests comprised Dennis Karapiperis, CEO of Archirodon Group; Nathalie Oosterlinck, Executive Officer Global Head Renewables at JERA Co. and Chair of BoD Parkwind; Thoukididis Koukoulios, Head of Investments Southeastern Europe, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners; and Victor Papaconstantinou, CEO of Motor Oil Renewable Energy (MORE).

The day was concluded with a lightning talk between Aristofanis Stefatos, John Karydas, CEO Renewables Copelouzos Group, and Dr. Alexander Karyotakis, Director of Strategic Development New Energy Sectors and Concessions TERNA ENERGY. The three of them discussed the process and progress of the first OWF pilot projects to be developed in Greece by the two companies.

The results of the HEREMA-focused sessions were overwhelmingly positive, as highlighted by guest speakers and event participants. Giles Dickson praised the Greek National Programme for Offshore Wind Parks for being “probably the best in Europe.” Dennis Karapiperis stated he was “impressed with HEREMA’s programme and delighted to work on such a detailed roadmap,” while Nathalie Oosterlinck noted that “Greece has huge potential, and we very much like the determined stability of the Greek Programme. Go for real scale, we’re ready to invest!”

On his part, Thoukididis Koukoulios stressed “We’re ramping up our team in Greece and see the country evolving into a global hub,” with Victor Papaconstantinou adding “This structured and realistic Programme for offshore wind comes at just the right time!”

Lastly, both John Karydas and Dr. Alexander Karyotakis highlighted the significance of collaboration and building synergies among the sector’s stakeholders going forward. The draft National Programme for Offshore Wind Parks was launched by HEREMA on 31 October 2023.