The CEO of HEREMA, Aristofanis Stefatos, represented the Company at the “Delphi Economic Forum VIII,” one of the leading conferences in Greece held annually in the historic city of Delphi.

Mr. Stefatos participated at the discussion panel “Energy Transition Pillars & the Future of Green Energy: An Update on the Greater East Med Region,” along with other esteemed guests, at the Ahrweiler Hall of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi.

During the discussion, he elaborated on the expanded role of HEREMA that spans the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, offshore wind farms, as well as carbon management projects and offshore safety – in the context of energy transition in the greater East Med region. He also presented the Company’s mandate to license and manage the development of key energy resources for Greece’s transition.

Mr. Stefatos underlined that Greece has indisputable advantages that can potentially turn the country into an energy hub and significantly contribute towards the transformation of our energy system.

He also highlighted the role of natural gas as a fuel bridge towards energy transition, along with technical synergies such as CCS projects and offshore wind farms. And he concluded that the integration of these into a viable and sustainable system will support our country’s energy security.