Press Release

Cooperation between HHRM and Lloyd’s Register

The development of an Emergency Response Plan for offshore hydrocarbon installations was the outcome of the successful cooperation between Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management (HHRM) and Lloyd’s Register.

Lloyd’s Register’s global experience on safety services for offshore oil and gas operations along with HHRM’s European expertise resulted in the development of the first draft of the National Emergency Response Plan, ensuring the engagement and on-time reaction of all involved stakeholders and external emergency responders.

“With high responsibility and intensive work, using the valuable technical expertise of Lloyd’s Register, the first draft of the Emergency Response Plan for the offshore hydrocarbon installations has been completed. Through the establishment of effective procedures and infrastructures following global practices, we set safety as our top priority”, underlined Yannis Bassias, HHRM’s President & CEO.

“With the interest of safety of life, environmental protection and international experience, we have worked intensively with HHRM over the last few months to develop an integrated crisis preparedness and management plan that facilitates the coordination of emergency response operations with confidence, and promotes the safety of offshore operations for research and production, to avoid impact on health and the environment”, highlighted Theodosis Stamatellos, Lloyd’s Register Marine & Offshore South Europe Area Manager.

Lloyd’s Register’s technical proposal has been awarded during the public tender issued by HHRM for the preparation of the national emergency response plan.

The first draft of the National Emergency Response Plan, which sets the response mechanisms in case of an accident in offshore oil and gas installations or connected infrastructure, is under consultation by all involved bodies, such as the Hellenic Coast Guard, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, and the Hellenic Fire Service.

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