The CEO of HEREMA, Aristofanis Stefatos, participated at the 27th Annual Economist Government Roundtable “The Great Transition: Geopolitics – Environment – Technology“. Mr. Stefatos represented the company as a speaker at the panel “The Great Transition in Energy: What lies ahead?”.

Joined by Francis Fannon, former US Assistant Secretary for Energy, and Daniel Franklin, executive editor of The Economist, our CEO discussed the emerging challenges and opportunities for the global economy, as the world moves towards energy transition.

Commenting on that, Mr. Stefatos noted: “It’s the first time that humanity has conceptualized and is attempting a transition of such magnitude and scale. As we navigate uncharted waters, flexibility and agility are essential.”

In addition, Mr. Stefatos outlined the contribution of HEREMA and its great progress in relevant initiatives:

-In 2021, the Company resumed domestic efforts for gas exploration. Seven such projects have already been initiated, with initial estimates suggesting ample reserves that exceed domestic demand.

-HEREMA has also developed Greece’s draft National Program for Offshore Wind Farms, to be officially unveiled on October 2023. Greece possesses excellent, if not the best in the Mediterranean, wind capacity that is ideal for establishing OWF and harnessing the wind power of the Greek seas.

-In addition, HEREMA is advancing carbon management projects through the permanent underground storage of CO2, having already issued the first exploration license for the depleted oil fields in the Prinos area.