Press Release

HHRM: Remote inspection in Prinos – New technologies offer a safety shield in hydrocarbon exploration

Responding to the special conditions created by the COVID19 pandemic, Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management (HHRM), which represents the interests of the Greek State in exploration and production of hydrocarbons (upstream), successfully completed a remote inspection at the offshore hydrocarbon production facilities in Prinos and South Kavala.

Using innovative technologies and expertise provided by DNV GL, HHRM was able to conduct the inspection remotely despite the health restrictions that apply. In cooperation with Energean’s platform staff, and the use of live camera feed sending high resolution video back to DNV GL center in Milano and HHRM headquarters in Athens, the inspection was supervised by the Offshore Safety team and senior staff from the Ministry of Environment and Energy. The survey footage, including the live-feed and the capturing and streaming high-quality audio visuals, were stored in secure military-grade servers.

The process is part of the broader framework of HHRM initiatives which demonstrate that the company remains vigilant in responding flexibly to its regulatory role while breaking new ground for the use of innovative solutions in the industry on both national and international levels.

The General Secretary at the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Mrs. Alexandra Sdoukou, who attended the process stated that: “The remote inspection on the Prinos platform is part of the ongoing joint effort of the Ministry of Environment and Energy and HHRM, for the safety of workers and the protection of the environment in offshore hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation facilities. HHRM not only applies extremely strict standards in this field, but has also developed a significant know-how which could be used to offer relevant services in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean and expanding its range of activities to all types of offshore projects”.

Regarding the remote inspection in Prinos, the CEO of HHRM, Mr. Aristofanis Stefatos, after the completion of the process, he stated that: “I am very satisfied with the staff of HHRM and especially the Offshore Safety department which successfully completed the remote inspection. This adds to the company’s portfolio another innovation for safety at work and environmental protection. Remote inspections complement on-site inspections, allowing for thorough and regular monitoring of specific issues over time. I would like to thank Energean and the employees in Prinos, for their cooperation”.

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