Press Release

HHRM: Participation at 27th Panhellenic ArcGIS Users Conference

Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management (HHRM) participated at the 27th Panhellenic ArcGIS Users Conference, organized by Marathon Data Systems on 30th and 31st of May 2019.

New technologies and applications in various sectors were presented by representatives of ESRI USA, and workshops and a number of contributions regarding the use of ArcGIS were held, by Greek public and private sector institutions, local and regional governments and academic institutions.

HHRM’s Vice President, Spyros Bellas (Ph.D) and company’s specialized staff Dimitris Poulos (environmental / forestry scientist) and Spiros Spinos (M.Sc. environmental scientist) made the presentation entitled: “GIS applications managing hydrocarbon activities by HHRM”. Among others, the topics included the company background and GIS methods of spacial analysis both classical and advanced. The main focus was on environmental and archaeological sites protection in areas of Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production (E&P). In addition, the cartographic methodology of drawing new E&P area maps was presented, as well as geohazard analysis of offshore activities and issues of coordination among different coordinate systems.

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