HHRM meeting with the Regional Governor of Crete Mr. S. Arnaoutakis

The CEO of HHRM, Aristofanis Stefatos had a meeting with the Governor of Crete Stavros Arnaoutakis, in the context of his participation in the 5th Pancretan – International Energy Conference held in Crete.

The two sides discussed over the progress of exploration in the offshore blocks of West and Southwest of Crete. The protection of the environment was at the center of the discussion, while the issue of the upcoming creation of the environmental monitoring observatory was raised in detail.

At the same time, the importance of the participation of representatives of competent bodies of Crete in the observatory committee and the key role of the Institute of Petroleum Research of FORTH was highlighted. Sharing information at all levels and cooperating for the smooth implementation of the project was analysed thoroughly. The discussion extended to wider energy issues, regarding the key role of Crete in the geostrategic map of the Mediterranean and beyond.

The meeting was also attended by the Management Consultant of HHRM, Efthymios Tartaras, the Deputy Regional Governor of Chania, in the capacity of the authorized advisor for Energy and Climate Change, Nikos Kalogeris, as well as the Deputy Regional Minister of Environment Nikos Xylouris. From the side of the Region, the Head of the Department of Climate Change & Energy Planning Eleni Kargaki participated in the meeting.

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