Press Release

Agreement between Greece and Croatia on offshore oil and gas exploration and exploitation

Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management (HHRM) signed an offshore safety agreement with Croatian Hydrocarbon Organization on Monday 25th February, in Zagreb, within the context of HHRM’s strategy for extroversion and strengthening of the alliance with competent European bodies.

The two-year cooperation mainly involves the exchange of know-how on the prevention of accidents in offshore oil and gas activities, and in particular the inspection and investigation of incidents in the operational premises. Moreover, Croatian experience in dismantling and reuse of the offshore oil and gas production installations to be decommissioned will be particularly useful. The agreement also provides for the organization of workshops for the exchange of views between the competent specialized human resources of the two countries. Relevant seminars are scheduled in Greece, by HHRM, in June, within the framework of the company’s cooperation with the Directorate General for Mining and Energy Activities – UNMIG, of the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy.