ΗΗRM at Greek–British Symposium “Greece, Britain and Global Challenges”

Climate change, the energy sector, COVID-19 and the BREXIT took center stage at the Greek – British Symposium, titled “Greece, Britain and global challenges”, organised October 23 by the British Embassy in Athens, the Delphi Economic Forum and the British Council. Following opening remarks by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and British Minister Michael Gove, HHRM Chairman Rikard Scoufias went on to chair the debate on “Climate and Energy” with prominent panellists including Joan MacNaughton former chairman of the IEA, Nick Butler former advisor to the British Prime Minister, BP vice president and visiting Professor at King’s College London, Lord John Browne, Alexandra Sdoukou, Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Mathios Rigas CEO Energean, and Spyros Kouvelis former Minister for Foreign Affairs and Director of EPLO.

“Mitigating and adapting to change is one of the greatest challenges in the 21st century” said Mr. Scoufias, and continued to highlight how “both Greece and the United Kingdom are committed to a green economic and social recovery, and these are challenges of such magnitude as to require broad multilateral cooperation”. Mr. Scoufias also highlighted how “COVID-19 has deepened economic recession”, and the “importance of rebuilding European economies with dedicated sustainable strategies and plans” – making reference to HHRM’s numerous recent initiatives to strengthen environmental and social governance in the sector, and to accelerate the country’s opportunities to monetize its natural gas resources, destined to make an important contribution to energy transition targets and a decreased carbon footprint.

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